Powder Coatings technology was developed as a response to environmental hazards associated with solvent based coatings, with the growing concerns and restrictions of future regulations. Powder Coating technology offer cost savings and environmental benefits through the advantages listed below.



No VOCs or Solvents, reducing the risk of fire and reducing hazardous wastes.
Powder overspray can be contained and then recycled and re-sprayed.
Applicators / sprayers are less likely to be exposed to hazardous chemicals, while powder coatings is easily washed off contact with skin.
Advancements in powder technology has reduced bake times and temperatures resulting in lower energy consumption.

  • Less waste: The manufacturing and application efficiencies results in an overall savings of waste compared to liquid paints.
  • We are involved with various Powder Recycling Projects through which we prevent over 50,000 KG of powder from going to landfills every year.
  • Our Emission Summary Table or Toxic Reduction Plan is available on request.