Prism Powder Coatings UB-0116-L is a Black Urethane Matte /Flat Gloss Powder Coating Paint an attractive, smooth, low gloss powder coating offering tough physical properties for indoor or outdoor use.

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UB-0116 Wheel

UB-116-L Black Urethane Powder Paint is often used for lawn furniture, garden tools offering superior protection against corrosion, whatever your use is Prism Powder Coatings will help protect from external elements. Our UB-0116-L Powder Paints is designed to be applied easily on metal and other materials. For extended corrosion protection, use conversion pre-treatment. Apply it by using an electrostatic spray gun. SUPERIOR COVERAGE & PROTECTION: Our powder costings provide you the flexibility you need to express your ideas! Our coatings can be applied to various substrates.