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Custom RAL

Our Custom RAL Program is unique in that we allow for the customization of standard RAL colours. Unlike many powder manufacturers who sell RAL colours in a high gloss, we will work with you to match the gloss/texture that will work best for your needs. We will match the finish you require and deliver the product with quick turnaround.

*For a better view of the colours, finishes, and textures of our products, view our color card here.

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RAL 1000 Series - Yellow
RAL 2000 Series - Orange
RAL 3000 Series - Red
RAL 4000 Series - Violet
RAL 5000 Series - Blue
RAL 6000 Series - Green
RAL 7000 Series - Grey
RAL 8000 Series - Brown
RAL 9000 Series - White/Black
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