Choose the ideal coating technology for your specific project needs.


Polyester Coatings

Polyester powder coatings are highly durable finishes that effectively withstand external elements. Meeting AAMA 2603 standards, these coatings offer reliable protection against fading, chalking, and deterioration caused by sunlight, weather, and environmental factors. Ideal for various applications, they provide long-lasting, visually appealing, and resilient coatings for metal surfaces and other materials.

SuperDurable Coatings

Super Durable Polyester Coatings are advanced coatings that surpass standard polyester coatings in terms of durability. These coatings meet the rigorous AAMA 2604 standards, guaranteeing exceptional performance and longevity. With enhanced resistance compared to our polyester coatings, they provide long-lasting protection and retain their aesthetic appeal over an extended period. Ideal for diverse applications, Super Durable Polyester Coatings are the preferred choice for demanding coating requirements, offering reliable performance and extended lifespan.


The X-Series line of powder coatings is an exclusive collection of "Superdurable" polyester coatings designed to meet AAMA 2604 architectural requirements under warranty conditions. Accessible only to applicators audited and approved by Prism Powder Coatings, the X-Series line guarantees exceptional quality and adherence to the highest standards of application.

Zinc Rich Primer

Our ES-0701-G is a zinc metal containing epoxy primer coating that provides enhanced protection of the substrate from corrosion, provided that the substrate is properly cleaned and pretreated first. As a primer that needs to be top coated, proper cure conditions must be observed in order to maximize inter-coat adhesion without subjecting the coatings to overbake conditions.

Low Bake

Customers may require low bake requirements either due to substrate composition or cost considerations. Our low bake powders are designed to accommodate this, typically requiring oven temperature settings 20-30˚C lower than standard, while maintaining the same dwell time. The choice of suitable resins and catalysts plays a crucial role in determining the properties of these powders.


By incorporating special additives into the coating formula, we significantly minimize surface friction in the final product. This results in a more durable coating finish with enhanced resistance to marring and wear. These coatings are particularly suitable for substrates that undergo repeated nesting, such as shopping carts or stacking chairs.


Our "Specialty" line of powder products is created through the traditional extrusion/milling process, which is then augmented with special pigment particulates before packaging. These particulates include various sizes and shapes of metallic pigments like aluminum, copper, and bronze, or artificially colored glass or micas that resemble metallic pigments. These pigments are unable to withstand the extrusion/milling process on their own. The blending of these metallic pigments is known as "dry blending" and results in cost-effective Specialty products, although they have some drawbacks during application. The denser pigment particulates tend to settle in vibrating box feeders, leading to concentration at the bottom. Thus, fluidized bed feeders are usually necessary. During application, the individual pigment particles may separate from the product due to different charging behaviors, resulting in "shadowing" or "striping" of the metallic color. Electrostatic pigment accumulation on the gun tip and subsequent spitting of pigment aggregates onto the substrate can also occur. Additionally, reclaiming overspray becomes unpredictable, and color variations are expected if the reclaim is used.

To address these issues, we have developed an additional special process that softens the powder coating base, allowing the metallic particulates to bond with the base powder. This "bonding" process significantly reduces the separation or charging issues encountered with dry blends, resulting in a more predictable product during reclaiming.

Steril-X Coatings

Prism Powder's Steril-X's coating line is infused with antimicrobial additives to safeguard surfaces against the growth of bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Silver has been recognized as a natural element with the ability to protect food supplies from molds, fungi, and ensure the safety of drinking water. The presence of silver disrupts a bacteria cell's vital chemical bonds, leading to its disintegration. Remarkably, silver does not disturb the structural integrity of cells in humans and animals, making it environmentally safe. By incorporating silver compounds into our powder coatings, Prism utilizes the antimicrobial properties of silver to create finishes that effectively combat a wide range of microorganisms, including E. coli, fungus, mildew, salmonella, and algae. Our antimicrobial coatings are safe for human contact and remain effective as long as there is a film of powder on the surface. Since silver is inorganic, germs are unable to develop resistance to its antimicrobial effectiveness. In laboratory testing, our antimicrobial products have shown an impressive efficacy of 99.9994% against E. coli. Our antimicrobial finishes are suitable for a variety of applications, including high traffic areas, hospital environments, kitchens, shelving, display cabinets, door hardware, and more.

Our Products are suitable for

Hospital & Nursing Home Furniture
Toilet Partitions & Hand Dryers
Grocery Store Shelves
Paper Towel Dispensers
Door Hardware
Checkout Counters
Dental Office Equipment
Cafeteria Cupboards
Pharmaceutical Labs
Shower Equipment
Water Coolers